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Condo Homeowners InsuranceCondominium owners, just like their traditional homeowner counterparts, need homeowners insurance coverage for their property’s protection and any liability that may rear its ugly head.

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Aren’t Condominium Insurance and Home Insurance the Same Thing?

No, they are not; though they do share some similarities, there are some differences between home insurance and condo insurance that you need to take into account. The differences pertain to whether you rent your condo or you own it.

Your best approach to learning about the different coverages that you have at your disposal for your owned or rented condo is to visit with an insurer who specializes in condominium insurance policies. If your condo is located in a complex, you should inquire with your condo association as to what coverage is required there and then discuss those needs with the insurer you’re contemplating on obtaining coverage with.

What’s covered by Condo Homeowners Insurance?

Your coverage choices depend on your insurer and the provisions of their policies, which are determined by your rental or ownership of your condominium. Some condo coverage options that are potentially available to you are:

Damage occurring in commonly owned structures.

Medical costs.

Personal injuries that occur on the property (applicable to renters or owners whose units are part of a complex).

Personal liability.

Personal property coverage.

Protection against loss of use of the structure or your belongings.

This is not an all-inclusive list, and as such you’ll need to speak with an agent to learn what the specifics are regarding the policy you’re planning on buying.

HO6 Insurance is for Condos

HO6 insurance, or condo homeowners insurance, tends to be a small deductible inexpensive policy, though this is the case, it covers a health percentage of your property’s value. You can easily run up to $100,000 or more in value with a kitchen area that has state of the art energy-efficient appliances, custom cabinets, beautiful marvel counters, and other goodies that make it the kitchen of your dreams. So when assessing the value of a $475,000 property (weather its a single-family home or a condominium), the majority of individuals end up overestimating the value of the home’s exterior and misjudge the value of its amenities and other systems. HO6 insurance policies tend to be cheap not because they are covering cheap personal belongings but due to the relatively low insurance risk. Your homeowner’s association bureaucracy and politics can be a royal pain, however one can rest assured that these protected communities and their security measures provide protection against criminals and
other questionable individuals.

So, Where can I get Condo Homeowners Insurance?

Most homeowners insurance carriers also provide condo insurance. Visit with other condo owners regarding their insurance providers. If your condo’s situated in a complex, your complex’s association could provide you with some suggestions. Or, you can save time and money by getting absolutely free condo insurance quotes right here via our website.

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