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Free Car Insurance QuotesInstant Insurance Quotes Online proudly services all legally licensed drivers, young and old, male or female. However, we’d like to take a few minutes to discuss car insurance for young drivers so that our younger insurance shoppers who are just getting started in life have some information to work with that could help them save some hard-earned money today.

You hear the call of cheap car insurance whispering in your ear.

You just turned the legal driving age for your state, and you’re on the hunt now for cheap car insurance for young drivers.

The Facts about Car Insurance for Young Drivers

You see, shopping for cheap car insurance for young drivers can be decidedly disadvantageous. Car insurance premiums are determined per the age, driver’s experience, and DMV record of the individual shopping for car insurance. Young drivers, therefore, should work their way up the affordable rates ladder by staying with their parents’ policy as they gain that crucial driver’s experience and DMV record. Chances are pretty good that after three years or so with a clean driving record that young drivers who want to own their own vehicle and want to pay for their own insurance can qualify for a preferred policy from their parents’ insurer.

If you’re a teenager with no driving record, you are probably going to end up eating those higher car insurance premiums in the shorts. However, all is not lost. Here are some circumstances under which you could qualify for cheap car insurance for young drivers.

Insurance companies will provide discounts that enable you to get for cheap young drivers car insurance if you have legitimate driver safety training under your belt from a recognized driving school.

Also, here in the United States, good student discounts are available to students. If you carry a 3.0 grade point average in high school or college as a student, then you’re eligible for some good discounts from insurers who provide discounts under these circumstances. Also, if as a student you happen to live over 100 miles from home, you’re eligible to receive a residential student discount from insurers who offer it.

Some car insurers also make available "stand alone" car insurance policies designed for teenagers at a lower insurance premium rate.

This is made possible by the driving restrictions that are put in place in regards to the teenagers’ driving such as…

No after Dark Driving

No Offering other Underage Individuals Rides

These are just a couple of restrictions that enable the insurer to reduce the risk of insuring the teen, and hence allow them to pass on this reduced risk in the form of relatively inexpensive premiums. Furthermore, if you drive a safe car, such as a Ford Focus instead of that horrendously expensive and more dangerous sports car, this could qualify you for lower insurance rates as well.

Nice Car You Have There!

Let’s face it, older vehicles only require minimum liability coverage per state requirements, and as such it’s one method that young drivers can use to cut costs. Utility vehicles such as pick-up trucks get a small discount that young drivers are eligible for. Lastly, young drivers should avoid high performance and sports cars because this will jack up their rates considerably and these vehicles stand an excellent chance of not qualifying for regular insurance for cars.

Cheap Car Insurance and Turning 25

The bottom line is that the younger you are, the higher your car insurance rate is going to potentially be depending on several factors such as insurer, Zip Code, and other factors as determined by the insurer and state law. Rates are up there for young drivers on newer vehicles which need comprehensive and collision insurance coverage.

The majority of insurers use the age tier approach on young drivers, both men and women, to assign rates. The local minimum driving age to 21 is one tier with these rates being the highest for this group. The next age tier ranges from age 21 to 25. During this time frame, the young insured’s rates enjoy a substantial drop at 21 years of age, and once more at 25 as you are no longer considered a young driver once you turn 25.

That said, once you reach the age of 25 though, that’s when you start to see some discounts especially if you’ve maintained an excellent driving record with your local DMV throughout it all.

In closing, today’s Internet technology makes it a breeze for you to shop around for cheap car insurance for young drivers. Simply visit any major search engine and pop in search phrases like cheap car insurance for young drivers, cheap car insurance for young people, or anything along those lines and you’ll be presented with website choices that service the young driver insurance market.

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