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Free Auto Insurance QuotesDoes saving hard-earned money on auto insurance make your day? You could save up to $500 or more on your car insurance shopping with us. This collection of auto insurance topics could help you do so when you sign on the dotted line with the insurance agent/insurance carrier of your choice. We hope you enjoy them and happy savings.

Antique Car Insurance

Quite a few of us enjoy the past time of restoring, and then showcasing our antique cars at auto and road shows. That being said, no serious owner would ever find themselves without the appropriate antique car insurance to protect their pride and joy, time and investment. Antique car insurance is not that hard obtain as many insurers now make this specialized type of car insurance available to their clients. This is perfect for the individual who’s on the lookout for that perfect classic car insurance policy, as they now have quite a few companies to work with. Read More…

Auto Insurance No Credit Check

Unfortunately finding auto insurance with no credit check these days is becoming increasingly unlikely since, as much as it irritates and annoys good honest drivers, your credit score is used as a guidepost by insurers to compute your premiums.

So if you’ve ever wondered if credit scores and insurance premiums dance the Tango, you’re right. Read More…

Car Insurance FAQ

Car Insurance is designed to protect you, and understanding your protection can be a challenge. These frequently asked questions will help you shed some light on this powerful, mandatory financial protection tool. For more information, please consult your state’s Department of Insurance or your insurance agent as the situation requires as auto insurance law varies from state to state. Read More…

Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Instant Insurance Quotes Online proudly services all legally licensed drivers, both young and old, male or female. As such, we’d like to take a moment to offer our younger insurance shoppers some information that could help them save some hard-earned money today. Read More…

How to Switch Car Insurance

For one reason or another, you might decide to change car insurance coverage to another company. Maybe your newly discovered company provides you with the same amount of coverage for much less premium.

You may have moved and need to switch to another provider that services that neighborhood, or perhaps you’re not happy with your policy under your current car insurance” company. Read More…

Insurance for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, just like all other drivers, are always on the lookout for the best car insurance rates that deliver the most quality for the premiums they spend each month. Regrettably, most people may not know is, that statistically speaking, older drivers like their young counterparts are potentially higher risks to insure than other driver groups, which tends to play itself out in the form of higher car insurance rates. By following these few easy tips, you will put the odds in your favor that your auto insurer will reward you with the lowest senior car insurance rates available. Read More…

Texting and Driving

On occasion, here at Instant Insurance Quotes Online we come across information that we believe our audience should have access to and as such we’ll reprint it here when permission is granted to do so.

The following Allstate Insurance Video from YouTube is one such instance, as it bluntly educates its audience in 31 seconds on the dangers and consequences of texting and driving. Read More…

Knowledge is Power and Sharing is Caring

Please take a moment to educate yourself about what the right auto insurance policy could do for you and your financial security, and then please share this website with friends and family via word of mouth or your favorite social media.

It could mean all the difference between coverage and the inability to meet potential legal obligations normally covered by the appropriate auto insurance plan, which could be financially devastating depending on one’s current circumstances.

This website has the the contact information necessary, which can be instantly accessed with your Zip Code, or if you prefer one toll-free phone call, you need to enroll in the auto insurance policy that’s right for you.

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