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About Health Insurance

Does saving money on mandatory insurance make your day? You could save up to $500 or more on your medical coverage shopping with us. The articles here could help you do so when you sign on the dotted line with the insurance agent/insurance carrier of your choice. We hope you enjoy them and happy savings.

Affordable Health Insurance for Families

There are more choices than ever these days for how we can manage our health care, and what type of coverage is available to us and our families. Even if you are one of the almost two-thirds of insured Americans who gets their coverage through their jobs, there’s a good chance that… Read More…

Affordable Health Insurance for Students

Along with the other challenges faced by college students, one of the most significant is getting adequate health insurance coverage. Since most students do not yet have full-time jobs, they won’t have coverage available to them through an employer… Read More…

Major Medical Health Insurance

In choosing health insurance, come individuals may not want, or be able to afford, traditional comprehensive medical insurance coverage. For example, younger adults – who on average are the least likely to need routine medical care – often have… Read More…

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan

In March of 2010, Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act – the new health insurance law. The law creates a new program — the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan — to make … Read More…

Small Business Group Health Insurance

If you own a small business, one of the key decisions you’ll need to make when you start hiring your first employees (or, as you grow and add new employees) is whether to offer a health insurance coverage option to your staff. When making this decision, you should be… Read More…

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